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113: How This NFL Star Became a Yogi & Cannabis Advocate – with Eben Britton

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“I want to be one of those gladiators.”

Eben Britton was a seven-year-old boy watching the news one day at his grandparents when he distinctly recalls seeing the local news covering the NY Jets and Giants at training camp. Eben felt something — like a seed planting in his heart. He told himself that he would one day be “one of those warriors.” Over time, Eben grew to be six feet, six inches tall, and weighed at one point 325 pounds. He ultimately became a gridiron gladiator, getting drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars and playing six seasons, including two years with the Chicago Bears. 

Those six years took a toll on Eben physically. He suffered through a lot of pain and had to retire at age 28. 

But this is where Eben’s story is just beginning.

In this podcast, you get to hear Eben’s incredible spiritual journey discovering his life’s purpose beyond the goalposts. Football was only a stepping stone to where he is today: one of America’s most effective cannabis advocates, plant medicine expert, yogi master, a writer, and a successful podcaster hosting two shows, including Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. 

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • Eben’s many physical injuries that led to struggles with opiates
  • How cannabis helped Eben in many ways
  • Advocating for cannabis with former NFL stars Kyle Turley and Ricky Williams
  • The signs telling Eben it was time to retire from football
  • Eben’s experiences hitting “rock bottom” 
  • The inspirations and pathways that led Eben to become a Yogi
  • How Eben met Mike Tyson and began hosting a podcast with the boxing legend

Eben’s Daily Routine

Each morning, Eben is up at 6:30. He and the dogs head outside to practice yoga for 30 minutes. As a busy husband and father, Eben has whittled down his routine to an efficient place that works for him. 

He usually does the mountain pose, a forward fold, and a quad stretch. Then, Eben stretches his pecs and rib cage. The most important part of his morning routine is the breathing aspect. He breathes into his entire body loosens up everything through the breath.  

Eben describes his breathing technique as the “Wim Hoff technique.” Deep breathes through the nose first while stretching. He does five breaths in each stretch position, deep breathing literally down into his toes. Next comes some Wim Hoff tummo-style breathing, described as super-powerful full inhales, full exhales out the mouth. Three sets of those. 

They follow some bodyweight exercise like a hundred pushups or a hundred squats, followed by more breathing exercises with some sort of rotations to loosen up the spine. This process takes about 30 minutes. 

Eben also does intermittent fasting each day and doesn’t eat till around 2 p.m. 

Finding a Silver Lining in the Pandemic

Something Eben shares is this: “One of the blessings from covid is that it forced me to reconfigure my workouts and my training. I would go to the gym every day and spend two hours lifting weights and going after it. Now, my practice is so much more about feeling strong, feeling flexible, and being out in the sun. The keys to my day are breathing, meditating, being outdoors, getting sun, and spending a good amount of time flushing the channels. That’s through writing or conversations or podcasting. If I can do those three things — I’ve lived. I’ve had a great day.” 

Eben is a spiritual person–something that he and Wade spend a good portion of time discussing. Eben found yoga, something he hated as a young football player through his trials, physical injuries, and short NFL career. Eban points out that the American mindset sees yoga as a physical practice. But as he and Wade and anyone who has dug deeper knows, yoga is a mental and spiritual practice as well— much more than just “some stretching.” 

Check out this episode – yoga and cannabis could change your life.

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