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104: Mushroom Power: Growing a Potent Fungi Product Through Sustainability – with Julian Mitchell

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Our host Wade Lightheart was excited to talk about mushrooms with Julian Mitchell because Wade has always been fascinated by mushrooms. Fungi has been used by many cultures in various ways throughout history. Wade points out that the human body is “the closest thing to mushrooms that we can get. This is why antifungals can be so damaging to people’s health.” In this episode, Julian shares how his mushroom harvesting business began in a container of used coffee grounds and has “mushroomed” (pun intended) into a thriving business. 

Julian Mitchell is an Australian native who has always been passionate about nature, human performance and sustainability. He is currently completing his Physiotherapy degree and previously worked as a physiotherapist in the English Premier League before his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, leading to his co-founding Life Cykel, a business focused on creating new mushroom products and technologies to biohack our daily performance.  

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • How the principle of sustainability led Julian to the idea of growing mushrooms from used coffee grounds
  • Why Wade uses Life Cykel tincture products while traveling
  • Why pro athletes like UFC fighters are using mushrooms
  • What “superpowers” each individual fungus holds–Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Shiitake
  • Can you take too much or use mushrooms too frequently? Julian talks about dosages
  • The special ingredients that make these mushroom products taste pleasant – even delicious

“Mushrooms are a key that unlocks many different doors.”  — Julian Mitchell

Which doors do you need to unlock using mushrooms? 

According to Julian, you can rotate multiple mushrooms throughout the day to address different needs. The first step is getting to know each mushroom and how that particular type of mushroom can benefit you. 

The lion’s mane mushroom is the one that Life Cykel customers tend to get the quickest results from. Within a day or two, customers talk about a noticeable improvement in cognitive function. They notice improvements in focus and memory recall, along with an increase in REM sleep. People using lion’s mane report having more vivid dreams that are easier to recall. 

According to scientific studies, lion’s mane also promotes nerve growth, which has been found to help professional athletes, like UFC fighters, who suffer from head trauma injuries. 

Cordyceps in another extraordinary fungi used by Life Cykel. Cordyceps are known to enhance energy levels. When someone has adrenal fatigue and needs to quit caffeine, cordyceps is a great tool to help you wean off of coffee. 

Julian shares more amazing information about lion’s mane, cordyceps, and other types of mushrooms with “superpowers.” 

What is something surprising about mushrooms that most people don’t know?

This is one of the questions Julian was asked in this episode. His answer was simple: mushrooms grow surprisingly fast

 As someone who harvests mushrooms, Julian says the speed at which fungi grows is an attractive quality for anyone interested in growing their own. Depending on the type of mushroom, each can grow fully in 12 to 15 days, reaching a point where the mushroom has a medicinal source and extracts as well as being “ready to eat.” The shiitake does take about 38 days to grow, however, most only a couple of weeks. Regardless of how fast they grow, the grow time is advantageous for farmers, and the sustainability potential is amazing. Julian calls mushrooms “intelligent life forms” that learn to grow and eat waste quickly. 

Mushrooms are also extremely adaptive. Julian credits this adaptability to fungi’s “collaborative” nature. How this collaborative process takes place begins in the roots of mushrooms, called mycelium. Technically mushrooms do not have roots like trees do, but mycelium is a rootlike structure at the base of mushrooms that helps the toadstool grow vertically and horizontally. Mushrooms work collaboratively with the forest floor, the rocks and living trees, to break down logs after a tree has fallen down. 

We highly encourage you to check out the entire podcast. Picking the brain of a mushroom expert is not something you get to do often. Julian’s insights will open your eyes to the hidden powers of fungi. You will hear about additional mushroom products, what they are and how they help people look and feel better. There is one type of mushroom that helps your fingernails grow really strong and healthy looking! 

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