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138: She’s Pregnant! Here’s How to Reverse ‘Unexplained Infertility’ – with Kela Smith


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She reversed her own infertility, along with many others. 

Kela Smith is on a mission to get 100,000 women pregnant. 

She’s capable of reaching that goal. So many women working with Coach Kela are now mothers and have had a baby (or multiple babies) after struggling with infertility for years. With so many couples out there still wrestling with infertility – they need to hear this podcast!

Kela is now the CEO and Program Director of the Hormone Puzzle Society, a women’s health hub for fertility, hormones, and training those who want to become fertility coaches like Kela and spread joy to desperate couples. Kela still coaches alongside her team, helping women with hormone imbalances and other fertility issues. She coaches women on getting pregnant naturally while eliminating symptoms of hormone imbalances.

For 20 years now, Kela has coached women wanting to get pregnant, so she knows her stuff! She holds four different qualifications as a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. Her unique Hormone Puzzle Method helps her clients learn how to cycle sync, which leads to pleasant periods, boosts fertility, higher “happy” hormones, hotter sex lives, and more creativity, productivity, and wellbeing for their career. 

Running her own virtual holistic health and wellness coaching practice has been a dream come true for Kela. If you share a similar vision of becoming a coach in health and wellness, Kela’s story will inspire you. And if you happen to be interested in fertility coaching, this podcast episode could change your life! 

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Kela’s personal story of infertility struggles
  • The proper diet to encourage fertility (includes some surprises)
  • Why Kela avoids counting macros and instead teaches the ‘magic plate’ approach to eat for fertility
  • What is ‘cycle synching,’ and how does it boost fertility?
  • One simple little thing men can do to help their partner when she’s menstruating
  • The signs that show when a woman is at her peak point of fertility
  • Exercise adjustments that help your chances of getting pregnant
  • Why women who are not trying to get pregnant should ALSO track their monthly cycle

How long does Kela’s program usually take to succeed?

When a woman struggling with infertility comes to see Kela, how long it will take for her to become pregnant depends on where she is starting. 

A woman who has never gone to a gym and eats whatever she wants starts at a much different place than someone who works out and watches what they eat. So ask yourself, where are you starting? Be honest with yourself and start there. 

Someone else starting may only need to make some tweaks here and there. Like, perhaps their diet needs a few simple adjustments? Maybe this person needs to incorporate a meditation practice? Simply adding a few healthy habits to their repertoire can be enough to get pregnant. 

Wherever you begin – start small. Give yourself some grace. This is not a contest. You don’t get a medal for doing this right. Getting started is the best thing. 

The old saying says it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Kela says putting her protocol together and making the new routine a practice typically takes 30 to 60 days. 

Kela’s fertility program typically runs for six months. Many find success in that timeframe. You will know what to do by then, but you can continue getting support from Kela if you need that.

What the initial starting process look like with Coach Kela   

The first thing you do to become a client of Coach Kela’s is to opt-in to her website email list. She will then schedule a phone call with you. She listens to your specific situation, and then if one of her programs can help, she shows you how. 

If you qualify and get started, you will then undergo a comprehensive dried urine test, where Coach Kela looks at your hormones, what they’re doing over a 24 period, and how your body is metabolizing those hormones. If your partner needs testing, Coach Kela has a way to do an at-home semen analysis. 

Coach Kela analyzes the results. She reviews the data. Then you will fill out an in-depth health questionnaire.

Then, you will receive a customized plan based on your medical history, lab work, everything. There is no guessing involved. Coach Kela sees precisely what is going on in your body and draws up a customized plan. You can do this program through one-on-one coaching or Kela’s group coaching program. 

Do you want to have a baby the natural way, but pregnancy eludes you? Do not let this moment pass by! Listen in as Coach Kela not only shares her fertility secrets, you will also hear two incredible testimonials of clients Kela helped get pregnant. One case involves a woman who stopped having a period at age 25 and didn’t menstruate for ten years! She’s a happy mom today, thanks to Coach Kela! 

Tune in or pass this episode along to someone who you know is grappling with infertility. Help make baby dreams come true!  


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