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139: Get Better Sleep Using High Tech ‘Thermal Regulation’ – with Matteo Franceschetti

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“Why is Elon Musk taking us to Mars, but we are still expected to spend 8 hours a day on a dumb piece of foam?”

That is the question posed by this episode’s guest – Matteo Franceschetti – a dynamic Italian entrepreneur who is disrupting the global sleep industry. 

He’s on a quest to crack the code for a perfect night’s sleep using big data. 

How Matteo and his business partner collect that data is where things get fascinating.    

A former lawyer, Matteo is now CEO of Eight Sleep. A company focused on using technology to help people optimize their ‘sleep fitness’ and efficiency. 

Matteo was a serious tennis player during his teen years.  As an athlete, that period of his life is when he started to get obsessed with physical recovery and rebounding faster after a grueling tournament or injury. 

After becoming a “boring business lawyer” for two large firms, Matteo caught the entrepreneurial bug, which naturally led to working long hours. Once again, his bent toward efficiency prompted him to ask, “why do I have to sleep eight hours? Can I sleep less and recover faster?” 

If you think humans “need” 8 hours of sleep to be at an optimal level of health, Matteo’s discoveries through research and data may surprise you. “Eight hours is what our body needs today because there is no technology enhancing our recovery. Elon Musk is taking us to Mars, but I still spend a third of my life on a piece of foam. We have technology everywhere. We are using technology to conduct this interview. But we spend a third of our life, eight hours every single day on something that hasn’t changed for 4,000 years.”

You won’t fall asleep listening to this exciting conversation between Matteo and our host Wade T. Lightheart. However, you may start sleeping like a baby after hearing the many hacks and tips on getting better sleep revealed in this episode.    

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How a lawyer in Italy became a sleep expert and sleep industry innovator
  • Sleep compression – getting more rest while sleeping less time 
  • How Matteo’s sleep technology “keeps you alive” by detecting early signs of illness, like inflammation, while you sleep
  • How 8 Sleep develops its technology
  • What is “thermal regulation”? 
  • Everything that this sleep technology tracks in your body
  • Things Matteo is finding in his research that positively or negatively affect sleep 
  • Two revolutionary sleep products developed by 8 Sleep
  • The fantastic software 8 Sleep is developing that Matteo describes as the “Tesla of sleep” 

A sneak peek behind the curtain:

Matteo reveals the co-founder of 8 Sleep is “kind of a genius” who can “build a space shuttle in the garage.” So he builds the latest technology, and then Matteo serves as the “guinea pig” who tests out the equipment. Matteo is always sleeping on something that the company will be releasing in a couple of years. He tests it and gives feedback to his team. The engineers then iterate until the product is consumer-ready.  

What does this technology monitor while you are sleeping?

8 Sleep technology can monitor everything about your heart rate – your HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Their tech is “semi medical-grade accurate,” meaning it is within one heartbeat per minute, compared to medical-grade EKG – but you don’t have to wear anything. You go to bed as you do now, and then you have this incredible data at your fingertips  (on the app.) 

8 Sleep technology also monitors your entire respiration. In the future, the tech will be able to track snoring and sleep apnea. Everything about your sleep gets observed – like when you toss and turn or when your sleep stages occur – everything – with no need for charging batteries or wearing anything during the night. 

Matteo describes the 8 Sleep product as “the Lamborghini of beds.” And you can give this sleep technology a test drive for 100 Nights with a risk-free, no-questions-asked full refund policy behind it. 

Time to put those sleepless nights to bed using modern technology. Matteo and his team at 8 Sleep are doing incredible work. His team includes professors from Stanford and Harvard. Tune in and tune up one of the essential parts of your day – sleeping! 

Listen to this episode and start sleeping better than ever! You deserve to wake up each morning feeling refreshed. 

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