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117: Taste the Future of Food – with Dr. Morgaine Gaye

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Who do food companies call when their product needs a leap forward?

When a food business searches for a competitive advantage, they look into the food industry’s future. Doing this is not easy, however. It takes a particular superpower to see what is coming – and companies must find a skillful food futurologist. Not some “woo woo” physic. With the company’s future at stake, they need an expert – someone who can take big data and combine it with a knowledge of food history, environmental design, fashion, quantum physics, and quantum philosophy. Throw in talent with pattern recognition, and you have Dr. Morgaine Gaye.   

Morgaine founded Bellwether: Food Trends, the world’s first food trend research compendium. She also has her own health-food line of products called Edible Love, which sells globally online.

Morgaine looks at food and eating from a social, cultural, economic, trend, branding, and geopolitical perspective and predicts trends up to 10 years in the future.

‘It Doesn’t Make Scents’ was Morgaine’s talk as part of TED X 2016 (link below.) She is currently writing a book, ‘A Taste of Things to Come,’ about future food trends and why they matter.

Morgaine is a frequent media contributor, appearing on numerous TV shows such as BBC World News to Sunday Brunch

In this podcast, we cover:

  • How Morgaine ended up being a food futurologist
  • The giant leap forward Morgaine sees coming for humankind
  • How her Ph.D. in quantum philosophy helps her predict the future
  • How tribalism affects food and our health
  • Where is food trending? 
  • What does Morgaine see happening with artificial intelligence down the road?
  • Some additional predictions Morgaine shared beyond food

“Everything is connected.” — Dr. Morgaine Gaye

Our host Wade Lightheart asked Morgaine how she “sees” the future.  

Morgaine: “For me, it almost looks like roots of trees, but as a complete lattice. And we are just a part of this lattice.” 

Wade: “Do you see that as linear or as a three-dimensional image? Or a fourth or fifth-dimensional image?”

Morgaine: “I don’t see it. I feel it. I’m just trying to describe it as a feeling into a shape so that people can understand. It’s pretty hard to describe it…just the absolute amazing wonder that we are so connected. It’s ridiculous just as there are no accidents; we are so connected with every little thing, even how certain planets move around other planets. And then you see the exact same shape when you cut an apple in a different direction. That’s just the connections from space to the world to plants, to us, to every single molecule of matter. Whatever’s in that periodic table exists in us.”

In the year 2023…

There are a couple of moments during the interview where Morgaine keeps mentioning the year 2023.

That is when Morgaine sees things changing for the better. “I remember talking about 2020 before it started, and almost on the money, all the bush fires started in Australia. I was like, ‘oh my goodness. Here we go.’ It was just one thing after another. COVID wasn’t the first thing in 2020 that was terrible. It was mass destruction, burning, killing, and lots of lives lost from COVID and other natural disasters.”

According to Morgaine, we have “a crazy time” still ahead until the spring of 2023. At that point, society will “emerge from something,” and humans will move forward with a “better understanding” of life and what is truly important. Spring of 2023 is only two years away. What will come after this “emergence”?

You’ll have to tune in to this episode to hear everything Dr. Morgaine Gaye has to say about food, its future, and how it ties into the future of humanity. 

Change is inevitable, and as Wade points out in this interview, survival is not for “the fittest.” Those who adapt are the ones who survive. 

Dr. Gaye is a dynamic thinker, speaker, and entrepreneur. Tune in and listen to one of the most profound, most thought-provoking health business owners ever to appear on The Awesome Health podcast. 

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