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107: Kick Your Health Issues in the Nuts – with T.C. Hale

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By losing his voice, T.C. found his “voice”.

T.C.(Tony) Hale was a standup comic living in Los Angles in 2004 when he suddenly lost his voice. At first, he wasn’t worried, as his voice had gone raspy many times…however, this time his voice never did return. Tony went to 23 doctors, and none could provide any solutions to enable Tony to talk again. That is when he snapped. Tony “went psycho,” spending every spare minute researching his condition – for eight years.

In this episode, Tony shares his journey – from a desperate comic who couldn’t speak to finding a new voice – becoming an expert in natural health and nutrition. During his quest to solve his health crisis, Tony discovered that he could also help his friends get to the root causes of their health issues by looking at each person’s unique bio-individuality.

Tony also writes books like Kick Your Fat in the Nuts and teaches health professionals workshops in more than 40 countries. He is on the Coalition For Health Education executive board, a nonprofit association that helps professionals and their clients learn about health through nutrition. Tony is also wrapping up production on a documentary called Why Am I So Fat?

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • One of the first things Tony learned in his research that freaked him out
  • How his health obsession gradually morphed into a business 
  • What bio-individuality means and why Tony considers it a crucial approach to health
  • Simple tests you can do at home to get a picture of what’s going on with your health
  • The impact digestion has on your overall health and well being
  • When clients have unreasonable expectations, how does Tony handle those situations?
  • Tony’s work helping health educators more effectively teach their clients

What does Tony know about digestive health? 

When you ask Tony about digestion, you may want to sit down because he can talk a long time about this topic and how it plays a role in so many health areas. 

Many people deal with digestive problems these days, and, unfortunately, many resign themselves to living with their symptoms for the rest of their lives. “That’s just the way it is. My mom was constipated, so I’m constipated. Those are the cards dealt me, so that’s how it goes.” Most of the time, their doctor agrees because of the training they received. They come to believe this as well. 

Tony tells Wade that “we’re supposed to poop like champions!” Yet, people think being bloated is natural. Meanwhile, acid reflux is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

The problem is how people stop at their symptoms. Those symptoms are trying to tell you what’s going wrong. If you can fix the root cause, your health will improve in significant ways! 

Our modern industrialized food choices play a big role in today’s digestive disorder epidemic. According to Tony, “There’s been studies that show the cardboard box provides more nutrition than what was in the cardboard box.” Our farming and food production is now “despicable.” Because the food we’re eating does not contain the nutrients it did 6,000 years ago; people are starving despite having plenty of “food” available. On top of that, many people have messed up digestive systems that are not extracting nutrients from foods—combine these two issues, and you get an undernourished population. People are starving for nutrients at a cellular level, which leads to many other symptoms (low energy, brain fog, etc.) 

Tony is committed to teaching people how to turn these things around.

What are the two primary wrecking balls that demolish people’s digestion?

Through his research and years of working with clients, Tony has determined two of the most common issues that tear down people’s digestion:

  • The first one involves a lack of stomach acid. There is a misconception that acid reflux is always caused by too much stomach acid. Tony says not enough stomach acid is behind people’s acid reflux around 80% of the time. The typical American diet lacks the nutrients needed to produce stomach acid, like hydrochloric acid (HCL)
  • The second digestion “wrecking ball” involves the gall bladder, which generally does its job after our food passes through the stomach’s acid bath. When the food enters the duodenum, the gall bladder squirts bile onto the food. The bile is made in the liver, and the gall bladder delivers this alkaline substance onto the acid-covered food. When the bile hits the acid, there is a “sizzle” that should help digest your food. What happens to some folks is the bile becomes too thick and sticky to flow correctly. When the bile backs up, it can concentrate into gall stones–which are painful. And in the process, food is not getting digested properly, toxin build-up, the person loses nutrients—you get the picture. 

Tony has a ton of knowledge on the many subtopics surrounding digestion. You don’t want to miss what else he shares with Wade on not only digestion but a whole lot more!

You will enjoy this episode, as former standup comic T.C. Hale brings humor and fun to the serious topic of health and wellness. You will quickly notice his in-depth knowledge and talent for breaking the science down into easy-to-understand bites. Time to kick your health issues in the nuts with Tony!  

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