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072: Aging Gracefully with Bianca Jade

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Aging gracefully is something we all strive for and our guest is an expert at it, and today she’s sharing her secrets.

Bianca Jade is the founder of the health & lifestyle brand Mizzfit. She made a name for herself as one of the first fitness bloggers and influencers in the USA, discovered by Nike’s R&D team which led to her debut on The Today Show in 2009.

In addition to running Mizzfit LLC for 12 years, Bianca works as a Fitness, Health, Beauty & Travel expert and travels the country as a correspondent for local news stations. She is most currently working to establish a Collective of Women of Color in Television to promote diversity in media to better reflect multi-cultural and multi-colored viewers.

We start this edition of Awesome Health Podcast by diving deep into her background and what passions drove her to start her business.

Bianca’s first career was advertising, marketing and PR. She was blessed to develop an incredible skill set in that arena and translate it into her own business. Previously, she had worked as a Creative Director in some top agencies where she wrote commercials, designed ads and billboards and events.

She poured herself into that work, sometimes going from 9am to 4am the next morning! All the while fitness was her non-work interest, it was the outlet she had during her hectic work day. She’d eat lunch at her desk just so she could get to the gym over her noon hour or go for a run.

She also got into fitness fashion, and so when she left her advertising job she wanted to be THE fitness fashion blogger. All of her market research told her no one else was doing it (this was back in 2008) and that there was an opportunity there. She seized that opportunity and worked hard to build her brand, something she continues to this day.

Also on the show, we talk about why self-love is an important piece of fitness. Bianca says she didn’t always love herself but her journey with fitness transformed her relationship with herself, as it will for anyone who is dedicated to their health.

From there our topics include the beauty treatments she’s tried including which were amazing, which were colossal failures and which surprised.
The ones she likes the most are radio frequency (often in conjunction with microneedling).

But her simplest recommendation is for women to take off their makeup every night and use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. It holds up to two times its weight in water meaning it adds tons of moisture to your skin.

She also recommends avoiding alcohol-based skincare products as well as anything with fragrance, and using exfoliants. Men can follow her tips too and invest in some of these same skin care techniques.

We wrap up with a look at her fitness routine, why it’s okay to stop doing a particular workout, and how she approaches healthy eating as part of aging gracefully.

It’s all here on this episode of Awesome Health Podcast with Bianca Jade!

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Wade Lightheart: Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. It's Wade T Lightheart from BiOptimizers with another episode of the Awesome Health Podcast. And today we have none other than Bianca Jade, by the way, if you haven't heard of her, she is the founder of health and lifestyle brand Mizzfit, one of the most popular blogs out there and for geez and OG in that industry, I think she'd been doing this for like, I don't know, 12 years or something like that. Long time. We'll get into that. Anyways, she used to work for one of New York's top advertising agencies. She's won all kinds of awards and TV print, and she's a fitness, health, beauty, and travel expert and travels the country as a correspondent for local news stations. I don't even know how you do all this sort of stuff. And she doesn't really like the term influencer, although she is, and she's made a name for herself as one of the first bloggers and influencers in the USA and discovered by none other than Nike's R&D team. Hello. Which promptly other to debut on the today show way back in 2009. Wow. You look so good, Bianca. Some people would say: come on, how's that possible? You can't possibly have done all that already in your life.

Bianca Jade: Actually, I feel like I haven't done enough. So it's funny that you say that.

Wade Lightheart: I would suspect that someone that does as much as you're doing and have done, would automatically say that because that's typically the type. So tell me about… Let's get a little bit into your background. How did this all get started for you and what was your passion? Like, I mean, 2009, when did you start your blog then?

Bianca Jade: Oh yeah. Well, I actually started in 2008, but I was building it myself and I had no development skills or web design skills at all. So, I mean, technically I started in 2008, but nothing launched or went live until 2009, but, you know, my background with that is that although I've had several careers, including finance and PR, the book of my first career, well, I'm going to call it my first career, cause' it was like my first long career, was advertising. So you know, I was able to like build up an amazing skill set to be able to do what I do now, because you know, with advertising, you're doing marketing. I was a creative director, so I wrote commercials and design ads and billboards and came up with like, you know, ideas for cool ad based events.

Bianca Jade: So that like really helped me launch my own business, because I was able to at least like start out with the initial designs of my website since I had design skills and like really learn how to create, like I knew how to create a brand, cause' I had done it for so many other brands. So while it was not easy and it's never easy to work on your own brand, because you're like, so in it it was so helpful to have that background in advertising, you know, to be able to launch something that was purely my own.

Wade Lightheart: That's really, really cool. So how did it start at? Like, what were you talking about when you first? Cause' has that evolved over that time?

Bianca Jade: Yeah. Okay. So I originally had the idea for my blog, which is called

Wade Lightheart: That's two Z, I would say Zed because I'm a Canadian.

Bianca Jade: Yeah. I love my Canadians. I love you guys. You're better than us Americans. So let's just like put that out there right away. You guys do everything better. So I'll do it. I'll say Zed. Double zed, can you say that?
Wade Lightheart: Double Zed, that double Z. Doesn't matter. It's Mizzfit. M-I-Z-Z-F-I-T.

Bianca Jade: Exactly. Yeah. So I came up with it while I was, you know, working my nine to 4:00 AM in the morning job in advertising. I say 4:00 AM because I literally was at the office until that late sometimes. I always had… Fitness is like my outlet, you know, because I worked so much in New York city as many people know, it's a very work centric culture. So I would use my lunch break to go to a gym nearby or like go out for a run near my office. And sometimes I wouldn't, I would eat lunch like during meetings or while I was sitting at my desk just to be able to have that, you know, that opportunity for fitness. During this time when fitness was like such a gift, you know, to be able to take that break from work. I got really into fitness fashion.
Bianca Jade: And it was just like a really very passionate thing for me. And so I did some research and there were no blogging right at that point, you know? And like 2007 was still like pretty novel. And so I did some research and there was no fitness fashion blogs out there really. So I decided I was going to be like the big one, the one to like really be the one people talked about. And so when I left my career in advertising, that's what I did. I started and it was completely dedicated to fitness, fashion and trends. So everything from like the latest, you know, threads for working out to I'm talking about like cool technology, like Fitbit, I think Fitbit hadn't even come out yet when I launched my site, but like wearables supplements and even really cool designs of, you know, fitness equipment. That was my blog.

Wade Lightheart: Wow. That's so cool. Now, what have you seen, particularly, I'm curious about the fitness attire trend, clothing and, you know, it's evolved a lot from when, you know, tank top and a sweat pants and a sweatshirt that you pulled over your head. That's kind of when I started and now it's okay to be out in public in these really stylish trendy places. Like so what have you seen in that evolution? This is area that I'm completely ignorant. I'm just kind of witnessing the little threads if you will. Something's happening here, you know?

Bianca Jade: You can jump in at anytime Wade. It's funny that we're talking about this because right before I hopped on with you, I was writing a blog post about a new collection that Adidas dropped, which is like so great, cause' it's like a training collection that you could actually do, you know, hit workouts in, but it's got all these like really nice mesh paneling, which on a woman is like super sexy, cause' it's revealing, but it's not revealing. But it also serves to be like cooling in terms of, you know like sweat. It's not… I guess it is sweat wicking, but it just lets air into those places of your body where you sweat the most. And it looks really nice against the body. Especially if you have a good body to show off.

Bianca Jade: So I was blogging about like this new mesh collection and while I was walking was thinking like: wow, we have come so far because like 10, you know, 15 years ago, this didn't exist. The technology to create these kinds of really light, almost like feather light fabrics that we can work out in that still support us. I mean, I know I need that support on my midsection, I don't have like a six pack or anything. So I love when, pants like really hug me and make me look slimmer and back then, like our workout wear was looser. Not to say it wasn't like cooling or didn't feel good, but it was really just serving the purpose of like allowing us to work out comfortably. But now it's like fitness fashion, like not only makes your body look better, support you in the right places.

Bianca Jade: But like you said, like you can go out to brunch with a friend, put a denim jacket on or like put a hoodie on and you got like a Kardashian worthy outfit, you know? So I think what that does, and this is what I was blogging about is that it allows us to like wake up in the morning, put on that cute or for a guy like nice, you know, flattering outfit. And then you're already have your like fitness thing on, so you're definitely gonna work out later that day. Like you would be mad at yourself if you didn't, especially if you've been working, you know, you've been wearing your fitness clothes all day. And I think that's easier said in the times of Corona when we're maybe not going into the office for work and people are probably not putting on suits or their normal office wear. But that's what I do. I put on my fitness clothes, something cute and, you know, by noon or whatever time that day, like I am going to my workout. There is no excuse. So that's how I think times have changed for the better.

Wade Lightheart: That's really cool. And I know I'm always blown away. I remember Chip Wilson used to run a little place up in Vancouver and he used to do all these kind of swimsuits and trunks for all the bodybuilders and all these sorts of stuff. But then eventually that ended up into Lulu Lemons. So he was just a guy that had a place next to.

Bianca Jade: I didn't know that about him. Like I didn't know that he was doing it for bodybuilders. And I'm so thankful because Lulu Lemon like, that was what started the whole trend of fitness fashion. And even though like I'm glad that, you know, back in the day there was a Lulu Lemon, like Lulu Lemon was like probably like one of three major brands that was doing it. So I didn't really have much to blog about as far as you know so many options for brands and Lulu Lemon, definitely it was like what I was showcasing a lot at the beginning because it was just like the only accessible retail.

Wade Lightheart: They started a trend and then that shifted the mindset to make these kind of like stylish, form fitting, make you look better active wear.

Bianca Jade: When I remember visiting London and their equivalent is Sweaty Betty. And that started like around the same time as Lulu Lemon and they were selling water bottles and accessories. And that, to me, that was like the biggest thing. I was like, wow, fitness wear and accessories together. Like my mind was blown and it's funny that now that's the norm, but you know, if you went to Dick's or Sport Authority, I don't even know if that's open anymore, but like back then, that's like where Americans had to shop for workout clothes and stuff. And it was like really boring merchandise very poorly. So you couldn't really get inspired. So, I'm thankful that the trend happened because I think it encouraged so many more people to work out, especially the fashionistas that didn't really want to break a sweat. Like now they, you know, now it's like: okay, you get to wear cute stuff, break a sweat, just do it.

Wade Lightheart: It kind of made me flashback to the old days in my bodybuilding career where they had the crazy wear outfits with all those leopard prints and all that crazy stuff. And then we went into the workout tights with the stripes, and then we had the stringer. So bodybuilding was really kind of ahead of itself in one aspect. And then that kind of caught on and got more trendy. I want to talk next about something that's really important for you and that is how to age gracefully. And I think it's a topic that a lot of women struggle with. And we were talking earlier, you were talking about how people are actually trolling you and say you're doing all these other things, but you're not doing. Talk to me about the pressure. And I want you to speak to it as a woman for our women listeners, because I think a lot of men are really not tuned into this to be frank.

Wade Lightheart: They don't understand what's going on. Like for example, I came out of the store the other day and I had a bottle and I had a pair of shorts and a shirt and it all matched. Now it matched because I didn't know it matched. It just kind of did. And I had two different girls go: well, that looks really good, your bottle matches your clothes. And I was just like: really?

Bianca Jade: Was that your branded bottle? You should have been like: Hey guys.

Wade Lightheart: Actually it wasn't my brand at all. It was another bottle, was blue. And I had a blue tank top and a blue shorts, and I had this blue bottle and two different ladies commented about it. It was a complete accident on my part. I didn't know, but it cued me into that that was something that they were scanning for all the time. And I think you know, the fashion, industry's very dominant in the female purchasing market.

Bianca Jade: Yeah. Totally important to us.
Wade Lightheart: What have you noticed how the tie in between fashion and aging gracefully and what you eat and all that, how does that all work for you and how do you kind of put that all together? Cause' I think a lot of people get confused about which direction go. Should I use Botox? Should I use Louis Vuitton? Should I use you know, CrossFit?

Bianca Jade: Right. Well, it's a mental state, you know, I think looking good and like aging gracefully and, you know, taking care of your body, everything like that, it's a place you have to be in your head because, you know, obviously we've heard it a million times. We've heard it so much. It's like a cliche, but it's the truth, you know, you have to, you have to really love yourself first before anything, before you can get into any kind of relationship.

Wade Lightheart: Do you have a practice for that? Do you consciously practice loving yoursel?

Bianca Jade: Yeah, I mean, and I didn't always love myself. I would say that's a huge part of like why fitness is so important to me. Because if you go into fitness, not loving yourself, you come out, definitely loving yourself because you get to see transformation happen, especially if you're really dedicated. And then the endorphins and all the chemical, you know, synopsis, everything that happens to you when you dedicate your life to fitness you have no choice, but to love yourself because you feel so good. So, you know, I was there, like, you can't just jump into fitness fashion or even like, you know, noninvasive to invasive, you know, beauty, and think that it's going to like, solve all your problems. I think you have to like, you know, have goals, right?

Bianca Jade: What do you want? You know, it's like, they always say, whenever you join a gym you have to check all these boxes with what your goals are. And I used to be so annoyed by that stuff, but now I totally get it. Like, what are your goals? And my goals were always really to like be the best version of myself. Whether that was like losing a couple pounds, feeling better internally not feeling like my pants were pinching my waistline, those kinds of things. By having a well-rounded routine, which evolved and listen, I am not perfect. I'm not the girl that's like food prepping, you know, every week. That's not me. But I do work out every day and I do eat pretty healthy. And I do take the right supplements and I do care for my skin a lot.

Bianca Jade: So I think having those things all kind of happening and at the forefront of my mind really have contributed to my ideal of aging gracefully. And you mentioned trolling, like I was telling you on social media. Like a lot of people will… I get those trolls on my videos or just any content that I create where I'm talking or doing something. And people are like: Oh, it's the Botox for real or oh, like, you know she's definitely had some work done. And I'm always like: wow, well that's, there has to be a reason why, a quick fix reason why, you know, I look good or I look younger or I look fit for being 41 at a time when for a lot of people, they start to gain weight.

Bianca Jade: I think that's kind of like a sad approach that people often take. We see a lot of celebrities also getting attack that way. Celebrities are actually the ones that really invest a lot in their, you know, their whole body routine, because they're constantly under you know, everybody's watching them. Right? So I don't know. I mean, I think for me, the driving force has always been like I have always wanted to look good for myself. And I think when it becomes about you and not about others and, you know, like, listen, I do want to live to a hundred. I do. And I do want to, like, it would be nice to look 80 when I'm 100. So I see things.

Wade Lightheart: You can be turning all the heads at the old folks.

Bianca Jade: Yeah. My grandma just passed away at 97 and my great grandfather lived until a hundred. That could be possible for me. So I look at it like that. And I think because I tackle it, you know with such dedication that I get the results that I want. And that's what I want everybody to know. You know, that's why I've been so dedicated to and talking about like health and wellness and all these like really cool beauty treatments. There are so many beauty treatments that are noninvasive that for people that are scared of like needles or lasers or that kind of thing that are really, you know, are effective. And so I love sharing that stuff, because you know, I want people to look their best, like who doesn't when you look your best, like everything in life becomes more empowered.

Wade Lightheart: So talk to me about some of the things, maybe some of the most successful things or things that you've done that you feel enhanced to someone's beauty and some of the things that were total failures. I think people, the world of experiment, I think a lot of people don't want it. Like the fun stories are always the thing that seemed like a good idea that went wrong. And then the unexpected one that you didn't think was going to be anything and was amazing.

Bianca Jade: Right. Yeah. I mean, I've tried a lot of things like… As hard as beauty with women, as you age, the face is like the thing that women worry the most about the face and the neck hands too, but there's less you can do for hands than your face and your neck. So I wanted to like really focus on women's pain points. So I try all the new innovation that at the right, at a reasonable budget and pain tolerance, you know, women would be interested in trying. So there's this one thing I'll start with the fail. There's this one thing called Ultherapy. And it's like it's basically this treatment that it's noninvasive, you get it on your neck. And I'm forgetting like the word it is. It's like it's what technology is exactly used, but it almost feels like you're being electrified or electrocuted rather. And it's about an hour.

Wade Lightheart: I think I got it.

Bianca Jade: There's a video. Cause' I film everything that I try and I'm very candid about it. And there's this video of me online and you see my eyes like literally like going crazy. Cause' she's like working on my neck with this… Like it's not a laser. I can't think of the word that describes what it is…

Wade Lightheart: Some microcurrent or electrolysis?

Bianca Jade: Yes. And so at the beginning you're like, okay, not so bad, but then like 20 minutes in you're like, I am getting electrocuted. I really am. And so you can see me, like, you can see the pain, like my threshold kind of blower during the video. I talk about it in the video too, but the results were like virtually nonexistent for that. And I remember like: wow, I went through this like whole treatment and like nothing really came of it.

Bianca Jade: I remember they were like: you're going to be in pain, your neck is going to like kind of throb for about three months. And I was like, what? So I usually tell people not to invest in this. After that I was like: Oh, they should have probably told me that before I committed to the treatment, but you know, it's fun. I mean, like being a Guinea pig for beauty products, health, wellness, fitness, that kind of thing. Like I actually really enjoy it. And there've been probably more fails than successes, but that's what I'm here for is to really inform the consumer what to try. I would say one of the things that I've loved the most has been a radio-frequency for beauty.

Bianca Jade: Cause' you can get it in conjunction with like other treatments like micro-needling, which a lot of women love microneedling, resurfaces collagen. There's a little bit of needle action there, but like it's not that painful and it's affordable and you can get radio-frequency with micro-needling and it just kind of like revives your face, your neck, your deck latte, and it really boosts your confidence. I know after I get these treatments, I'm just like: wow, I look, I might not look like dramatically different, but you just feel… It's like going to the gym, that feeling after you walk out of the gym and you just feel pumped. That's how these beauty treatments feel. And so I love, you know, blending beauty with fitness, cause' I feel like it's all fitness, and taking care of your skin in the morning, at night, just with your daily regimen is very important too.

Wade Lightheart: With your facial beauty program and things that you do or are there products or practices that you do regularly and then you kind of go off and try some of these treatments and if you do have a kind of a regular routine, I'm sure some people are like, would love to know?

Bianca Jade: Yeah. I mean, well, this is always the disappointment is that I use everything. Like there's not like one beauty brand.

Wade Lightheart: Right. There might be some best practices thought.

Bianca Jade: Yeah. So, okay. There's one mistake that every woman makes is they'll fall asleep with their makeup on and makeup is like the end of us. And I mean, I work as a television host and different categories, home shopping, and then in news as well. And so you got to like layer on that makeup, because otherwise they'll see, the viewers will see everything. So I do wear a lot of makeup, but I make sure like the minute I get home from a job that makeup comes right off. And before I go to bed, my face is like very clean. I've got a couple layers of different kinds of moisturizers on and one like that's totally routine, no matter what the brand is.

Bianca Jade: The label is hyaluronic acid. I feel like that is like just one of the best things you can do for your skin. Cause' it's better than water. It holds two times its weight in water. So it's basically just adding tons of moisture to your skin. And as many people know moisture is what helps prevent wrinkles and the decline in elasticity of your skin. So that's really important, putting the right products and knowing ingredients, why people don't take the time to do that. And that's something that with this whole trend of clean beauty. I put a lot more time into, it's definitely time consuming to like sit there and read labels, but it's so important. It's like supplements. Like you don't want to take the wrong thing because then you could have adverse effects.

Wade Lightheart: What are some of the things that you should avoid that's in a lot of beauty products?

Bianca Jade: Well, fragrances, because most people are allergic to a lot of them. Any type of like coloring is not natural. Like anything that's really unnatural. I would say a lot of alcohol based products. Just because even though everybody's using alcohol right now for hand sanitizing and stuff… Just look at your hands and how they've been affected by the hand sanitizers. Our hands are dry. My have been like super flaky since I'm sanitizing like, I don't know how many times a day. So alcohol based products are really gonna deplete your skin of moisture. I think what's super important for everybody to consider is exfoliants, because they help take the dry skin. The dry, flaky skin that's actually dead off of our skin and it helps resurface the new skin. A lot of people are scared of like exfoliating, because they find it painful or they think like scratch their skin. But as long as you're using natural exfoliants, you're actually giving yourself like a poor man's beauty treatment, you know? Because that's what they're doing at the dermatologist's office, is they're giving you some kind of beauty treatment that's going to resurface your skin cells.

Wade Lightheart: So how does the whole? Like what's your routine as far as exercise and then like do you have a routine around that as well? Or are you trying different things?
Bianca Jade: I will never live up to your standard, but I work out every day and I try to mix up my workouts. That's the secret to me having… I'm a fit, I'm a mesomorph so like I'm petite. And like I build muscle really fast. So my goal is to have like a slim frame and not get too bulky, but still have like nice toned arms and legs, and a booty, and everything. So I just try to like change it up. I lately have been doing a lot of hit and CrossFit because it's super challenging for me. I see a lot of results from it. And I've been doing a lot of running. Running is my passion. Running and yoga are my favorites.

Bianca Jade: So like I'll alternate it. So every day is a different workout. There's some workouts I completely stopped. Like I used to do bar workouts a lot, but then I just was finding, even though I love the workout, I wasn't really seeing much in terms of results. And I think it's OK to leave a workout behind like if it no longer serves you, because our bodies are all so different. And for example, you know, I'm 41. At 41 I like never really had done crossfit that much. And then I got into it over quarantine and I was like: wow, like my body's really responding to this. So I think as long as you try new things and see what works, like, I like a workout that makes me fall asleep early at night and that's CrossFit and hit. Like: wow. I'm just at night, I'm like: okay, I'm ready. I take my Magnesium Breakthrough and I'm ready. I'm out like a light I love it.

Wade Lightheart: That's beautiful. What types of yoga do you like to do?

Bianca Jade: Power yoga. I'm kind of veering away from hot yoga just, cause' it was kinda like messing with my skin. But power yoga and like Vinyasa's are my favorite.
Wade Lightheart: It's beautiful. I used to go to Bali Indonesia every year before COVID and there's a massive yoga community, like every type of yoga. So I always ask like what type of yoga. It's amazing. It's a total tropical paradise. I love that place. Can't wait to go back. Hopefully when all those craziness end. What are some of the things that you feel people get wrong on the aging gracefully or how is it eating? Is that a big one that they struggle with, do you think? Or what's the?

Bianca Jade: Yeah, I think people, what they do is they like overindulged and then they think they can erase that with some quick fix, you know, for example… Trying to think of something like… I have obesity in my family actually, that's really what, as a teenager got me into fitness, because there was so much obesity in my family. My mom's like: really, I don't want this to happen to you. You really have to take care of yourself. Like, why don't you think about this early? I'm so glad my mom did that. Because people will like go out to eat and do eat these very indulgent foods and think that like, you know, they can hit the gym the next day and that like with that one gym session really gonna do something or like maybe they'll get some really invasive procedure and that's going to take away like all that damage and really it's a lifetime commitment to health.

Bianca Jade: So I think to age gracefully, you have to know what types of food groups and minerals and also how long it takes to burn a certain amount of calories. You know, like I know that like,10 to 20 minutes of jumping rope is going to burn anywhere between like 200 to 300 calories for me. So I, sometimes when I don't have a lot of time to work out, especially a day like today when I just got back to New York and I'm traveling tomorrow again, like I'll go out to my terrace and just jump rope for like half an hour. And I sort of know, I have an idea of what kind of calorie burn I got. And so I'm also careful as to how much I eat that day, if that's the workout I got in, you know, versus another day, if I'm at a bootcamp for an hour, like: wow, that calorie burns probably much higher, you know?

Bianca Jade: So I think getting informed is a great way to age gracefully and you don't have to be a nerd like, like us, you know, because I know we're, how them fitness nerds. It helps to follow someone too that's very educated on these subjects, for instance I have been watching your videos every day and I'm learning so much from you. And I love that they come in like early in the morning and that I can like have my coffee and watch your videos, you know, about different way to like optimize your fitness and your health. And I don't know the things that you know, so even within like our industry it's important to, you know, always be learning. And a lot of consumers of fitness don't realize that, as like health and wellness experts, we are constantly learning from each other. So I think that's good, you know, follow someone that has the body type you want, or like has a brand that is very aspirational to you and, you know, follow the regimen and try it out. I think you can always shift and change something else down the road.

Wade Lightheart: Beautiful advice. And I think a lot of people… It's funny, the more I learn, the more I feel, I don't know. And I've heard that before. I've heard that before, but now I'm absolutely completely embraced that concept. And I love spending time with people in the industry and asking, well, actually almost any industry. I love just finding out about what someone has spent a lifetime learning. Speaking of which, where do you think mizzfit is going in the next, like, what trends do you see coming? What do you think happening? Where is your brand going? And what is that? Is there new things coming up for you or is it like, what's happening in over at Mizzfit?

Bianca Jade: Well, covid has definitely given me some time to take a step back and like really look at my brand and you know, what my goals are for the future. A lot of stuff has changed in my day to day reality. I used to be traveling the country and as a travel expert as well as I was going abroad and hosting different travel shows and all of that really stopped. I am an optimist and I think a lot of that will return, but I have shifted to really all the content that I was creating, you know, on TV. I am now really diving into writing a lot because I think people are spending a lot of time reading online.

Bianca Jade: They're still like watching videos and television, but a lot of people are just looking up information online and, you know, here's a good example, cooking. Everyone became a chef over COVID and so recipes were being just looked up like crazy. I mean, I was doing it too. So I actually started diving more into making healthy recipes with great brands that I was so excited to partner with. One example is Bright Rice. They make rice made out of 90% vegetables. So it's healthier. It has less net carbs, so good for like fitness people, as well as people that are trying to lose weight. So I started making a lot of recipes with these products. Like a paella, a paella is usually something that fitness people will stay away from, but when you're making a paella with a healthier kind of rice, it's a different story.

Bianca Jade: So I've shifted into the areas that people are spending more time in looking up online and needing tutorials for. And that's what I've been doing. I've been creating that kind of content, because in my world you have to stay relevant. So I want to be where the people go and we'll see, like as far as, you know, hosting starts picking back up againthat is part of my career that's so important to me and that I love cause' I love the cameras so much. But I do feel that it's been good for all of us to take a step back and kind of like reevaluate the things that we love, maybe don't love so much. And the parts of our businesses and lives that we need to like invest more time in. So I know that I've done it. I don't know about you, but like I've done it for my website. I was sort of neglecting my site. I revamped it, something I would have never had the time to do previously. Are there things like that that you've found for yourself?

Wade Lightheart: Totally. Hundred percent, you know, the whole COVID things caused the reevaluation of a lot of things. Of course. I spent a considerable time out in the desert for three months during this in Arizona and spending time I discovered alternate day fasting, 12 hours of eating then 36 hours off. And it was profound and very effective. And so who knew? I wouldn't have done that had not like this whole thing happen, so it's always a half full half empty. I think we all want to kind of start into new trends. Start new things.

Bianca Jade: Yeah. You know, I never thought… I remember cause' I've been approached about writing a book several times and I never really considered these opportunities. Cause' I was like, when would I ever have time to write a book? And if I'm going to write a book, I'm going to write it and not going to have a ghost writer, you know? But now this time has made me realize, I could write a book like, you know, I could make the time. And that's what I think has been epic about this terrible situation that the world finds itself in is that we're realizing that there is time to be made in all our lives. I mean, this, I know I've been rambling, but the last thing I'm going to say here is that a friend of mine, reconnected with a friend, who's like a dad of three.

Bianca Jade: And he was telling me how, like COVID made him realize he wanted to be a better father, even though this guy's like the greatest dad ever. He's like: I realized there's so many things that I wanted to do with my kids. And that was like, I don't know if it gets on my own, but that was so inspiring to me cause' I was like: wow, like, you know, here's this guy telling me this and he's already the stupendous father. It inspired me to kind of like just reflect on the things that I could do better. I know that's not like this like really glamorous answer to your question, but that's where I find myself right now. And I feel like it's going to be pivotal, you know, for my brand in the next couple of years when I do have something big to announce that like I will have gone and looked at like my mizzfit empire and really tweak the things that needed to be tweaked and sort of eliminated the things that weren't really serving me or my audience that much anymore.

Wade Lightheart: Speaking of which, where can people reach you? Give us all your handles, your social media, all that sort of stuff so people can find out, I know you're on a tight time schedule here.

Bianca Jade: Well my website, which we discussed doubles zed and you can do all sorts of things there, like follow my life shop my closet come up with or find, you know, great options for health, fitness, beauty, travel, that kind of thing. But also my Instagram handle is Bianca Jade. My name. And my Twitter handle is mizzfit, which is the same as my website. So please find me there. And I love when people reach out to me, I'm such a people person, whether it's in person or digitally. So semi questions, comments, everything.

Wade Lightheart: So beautiful. Thank you for joining us today, Bianca, it's been really great. I've learned a few things that I didn't know about and I will avoid electrocuting my neck.

Bianca Jade: Don't get Ultherapy. You don't need it.

Wade Lightheart: Trying to extend my beauty. Anyways, hey everybody. Thanks for joining us today on the Awesome Health Podcast. It's Wade T Lightheart from BiOptimizers. We would love for you to reach out with your questions, your texts, and all that sort of stuff. One of our teammates will answer your questions of course, and be sure to check out Mizzfit for the latest on aging gracefully, eating right and looking your best. Thank you for joining us today. We'll see you all again on the next episode.
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