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024: Perfect Press Oils with Ian Clark

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Ian is the creator and founder of Activation Products, including the world-class revolutionary Perfect Press oils. Normally we don’t talk about other companies, but his oils are so revolutionary and valuable I wanted everyone to know about them and have access to them. At Awesome Health we are all about making a difference and helping everyone in the world.

On today’s episode of Awesome Health, Ian and I talk about his origin story, where his health was over a decade ago and why he started this particular line of oils. You’ll hear what makes them unique and much more on episode 24 of Awesome Health.

More About Awesome Health with Ian Clark

Today Ian has exceptional health but about 14 years ago, he was given a medical prognosis of about 1,000 days left to live. He was only 46. The reason he was in that position? Simply because of the wrong actions and attitude: everyone else was responsible for his health but himself.

At the end of the day, he now knows it was all down to him. The way he ate, slept, thought, spoke, reacted, behaved – all of it was his responsibility and all of it contributed to the state of his health.

He had received a diagnosis of liver cancer, but that wasn’t correct. What he did have was mold, fungus, heavy metals, chemicals, a lot of fat that his body wasn’t processing properly plus a massive infection in his digestive system and heart disease. It was really just congestion from a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of detoxing.

Once he took full responsibility for the state of his health, he knew it was time to make a change. And that’s when he began to learn about oils.

The Origins of Perfect Press Oils

Twelve years ago when he started this journey, he saw hundreds of thousands of products online and in health food stores, but he knew nothing of oils. Until one day he ran into a guy pressing oils at a raw food market in Venice, CA. The guy was so excited that it caught his attention. And while everyone gets excited about their products, Ian was intrigued by this man’s oils.

He started learning about the different ways of extracting oils, including cold expeller-pressed and other types of extraction using heat. Oils are very delicate and high-end, and the ways these oils are extracted makes a significant difference.

When we consume oils, what we really want is for the oil to be as close to its natural, raw state as it exists inside the seed. Heat very often damages the molecular structure of the oil, and the level of heat that inflicts damage varies by oil. The more sensitive oils need to be kept under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, these would be chia, flax and other high omega 3 oils.

And while heat is an issue, an even bigger issue is the shearing and the grinding. In the cold expeller-press machines from the 1920s, only about 10 seconds of shearing and grinding occurred.

However, Ian and his team found machinery and technology in Germany that was completely different. You could literally taste and smell the difference in the oils created using this German technology.

This oil so different because of the speed at which the oil was taken from the seed, it took all of .1 seconds with this technology versus the 10 seconds of the old cold expeller-press machines. It was about 100x more efficient, and you could tell in the taste, smell and shelf life of the oils.

He realized they had something very unique and goes on to tell us what they did next and the variables involved in ensuring their seeds are properly planted, farmed, and harvested.

The Health Benefits of The Perfect Press Oils

Next, Ian and I discuss the health benefits of the different Perfect Press oils. We start with the 5-seed blend. He and his team put so much thought and care into their products that even the bottle is special. It is made from miron glass, which is glass made from a special pigment. This pigment allows beneficial UV light and blocks the harmful light. This type of packaging allows some oils to not be refrigerated and it also keeps the oils fresh.

As the name suggests, there are 5 different seeds in this oil. Their press allows them to combine flax, sunflower, black sesame, pumpkin, coriander in the exact proper ratio. Other presses separate these oils, but their technology allows them to put all 5 seeds in and get 1 oil out.

These specific seed oils cover 15 major organ functions, which is one of the reasons they created it. As an added bonus it goes well with almost any savory food.

Next we talk about Styrian Pumpkin oil. Styrian pumpkins are unique pumpkins from Austria. These pumpkins grow seeds with a shell around the seed itself, and these seeds are known for being extremely good for your health.

Unlike most other pumpkin seed oils, they do not roast their seeds to get the oil. You’ll recognize it when you try this oil because it has a deep floral essence, rather than the nutty taste of roasted pumpkin seed oils.

This oil is very good for the reproductive system – both male and female – and also for parasitic infections.

Ian continues by telling us about amaranth oil and why you can’t use just any old amaranth, plus he gives us the details on the benefits of black cumin oil, coriander seed oil and milk thistle seed oil.

Also on today’s podcast, Ian tells us about why some oils can actually harm you and how we educate our bodies. Join us for those insights and more on this episode of Awesome Health.

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