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115: Become a Happy Hustler and Find Blissful Balance – with Cary Jack

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He was hustling hard but not happy.

Cary Jack spent several years hustling in the way many entrepreneurs understand — 100+ hour workweeks, chasing material success, and focusing on profits. (You know, that Gary Vee type hustle.) Cary was working his tail off in New York City with his brother, who was also his business partner. They were a dynamic duo who founded a software startup and put together a seven-figure venture capital deal. Big players were ready to deliver the money that would take their business to the top. 

But Cary and his brother had a “come to Jesus moment” that stopped them from signing the contract. In this episode, you will find out why Cary felt trapped and unfulfilled and why a short stint living in Thailand changed his whole approach to business — and life!

Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur, author, podcast host, professional actor/model, biohacker, eco-warrior, martial artist, and humanitarian striving to positively impact this planet. 

As the founder of The Happy Hustle, Cary’s mission is to educate, inspire, and entertain while reminding you to enjoy the journey, not just the destination, as you Happy Hustle for a life of passion and purpose.

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • Cary’s journey from a stressed-out startup founder living in a crowded, noisy city to a happy hustler with purpose, experiencing joy and financial security in the Montana mountains. 
  • How Cary climbed out of a pit of depression and loss
  • What his Kung Fu Master told him as a kid explains why Cary always has multiple income streams 
  • Cary’s “10 Alignments” to a balanced, happy life
  • Cary’s “happy hustle hack” to finding the love of your life
  • How powerful “I am mantras” work to manifest your dreams and visions
  • Some tech tools Cary uses to help build financial abundance

What made Cary stop and say, “Whoa, I can’t go through with this tech startup deal?” 

Wheeling and dealing as a tech startup founder and reaching that point when the VC was ready to go, that was everything he had worked for. He thought that was the life he wanted. Cary wanted to be a tech startup founder. He and his brother busted their asses for 18 months, wearing the same fancy suit to every meeting, and when they reached that goal, Cary had a realization: “Holy crap, we can’t take this money. This money comes with a five-year clause.” 

Cary understood why VCs would want him to be invested and committed to the deal. Living in a “little shit-box apartment in Queens, New York,” sharing a king-sized bed with his brother, Cary realized his place was not the Big Apple. He missed the Montana mountains and the Florida beaches where he spent childhood. 

This taught Cary how important your environment is to your happiness.

“It’s all about living that blissful balance both professionally and personally.” 

Cary has a fascinating career journey that became his life journey. He started with a career and no personal life—all work and no play. Now he lives a “happy hustle” life that brings fulfillment on a spiritual level along with a daily purpose that brings him more money than he’s ever made before. His time as a tech startup founder brought him to severe burnout. Today, he has found his true calling: helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs find balance in their life. 

Flyfishing, soccer, and archery are three hobbies Cary is passionate about, and his blissful balanced approach to life allows him to enjoy these interests without any feelings of guilt.

What interests or hobbies get you excited? Maybe it’s time to find more balance in your life? If you are hustling but not feeling happy along the way, be sure to listen to Wade’s conversation with Cary Jack. Wade says in this episode that no other guest has ever laid out the steps to a balanced, successful life better than Cary.    

Check out this episode if your career is out of balance and you feel trapped or in a rut. 

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