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114: These Magic Cookies Burn Fat & Improve Gut Health – with Crosby Tailor

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From College Football Player to Fitness Model to…Pastry Chef???

You may have noticed that most pastry chefs do not look like Adonis. Bakers are typically “doughy” in appearance, not “in great shape.” On this episode of the Awesome Health Podcast, today’s guest is a pastry chef with abs. That’s right, Crosby Tailor is a professional model who has figured out how to make desserts that are not just “sugar-free.” His desserts are made with the finest ingredients yet taste delicious. Tailor’s incredible treats — from cookies to brownies to ice cream — are so healthy they can even meet your macros. His creations can serve as nutritional meals. Wild! 

Crosby Tailor is a Los Angeles-based modern-day renaissance man: a health/fitness coach, model, sugar-free dessert chef, and Founder of Crosby’s Baking Co.

As a result of being dissatisfied with the way traditional desserts left Crosby feeling, the fitness expert began experimenting with sugar-free, nutrient-packed recipes and published the results on his Instagram. Crosby’s efforts have earned him more than 80k followers who drool over his superfood creations. 

Crosby’s delectable treats and expert fitness knowledge have gotten him profiled internationally by publications such as VOGUE, Sunday Times UK, and ELLE. He has been featured on-air for shows like Food Networks Chopped and ABCs Good Morning America, to name a few. 

Crosby is also a Bioptimizers ambassador!

In this podcast, we cover: 

  • How a bodybuilder and fitness coach ended up in the cookie business
  • Crosby’s favorite fails during his pursuit of a healthy cookie 
  • How Crosby built his business using creative thinking—what Wade calls “renaissance ideas”
  • Crosby’s daily routine to stay in stunning shape while building a dessert business 
  • What Crosby see’s coming in the food industry
  • Food choices and digestion protocols Crosby sticks to for optimal health
  • Details on the ingredients used in Crosby’s cookies  

“I never thought I was going to be a ‘baker.’ Which is weird.” 

Crosby was an athlete-at-heart—someone who got a scholarship to play football in college. He then became a model—he had an agent and everything. Becoming a baker or pastry chef was the last thing Crosby ever envisioned himself doing. “But I think as we progress and turn the next page or create a new chapter, we start to develop different creative elements in our world. One thing that kind of fell into my lap was making dessert. So I’ve been running with that since.” 

We present what the guest highlighted, answering that question and giving more details in the podcast.

A New Dynasty of Desserts

Crosby’s cookie evolution has recently grown into a simple yet scrumptious treat that’s healthy! Flavors include chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar cookies with white chocolate chips, and some delicious ginger snaps. The goal is to bring the chocolate chip and snickerdoodle flavors to market first and then scale the business. As the customer base grows, then Crosby will introduce new flavors. 

Eventually, Crosby’s Baking Company would like to offer some baking mixes and brownie mixes. Wholesale opportunities and direct-to-consumer sales are in the plans until one day, Crosby’s Baking Company becomes the new dynasty of desserts

This revolutionary approach to sweets begins in Crosby’s mind. “I try to look at dessert now as another time in the day when I could be fueling myself with the best ingredients for my health” instead of the old paradigm that thinks dessert is a trade-off of a temporary “high,” but the return is bad for your health. “Why not have your cake and eat it, too?” 

The results are desserts that taste like real desserts but still hold all the nutrient-dense energy you need from a typical meal. Some of Crosby’s cookies have comparable macros to an average meal. Three cookies can pack the same calories, carbs, and fats. Plus, the ingredients are often better than a lot of regular meals out there. Your favorite restaurant might be “clean,” however, maybe they use canola oil or corn-fed beef. Crosby’s desserts get created with all of this in mind.     

Listen in to flip your entire thought process on desserts and what is possible. You can eat great-tasting treats like cookies, brownies, and ice cream yet stay slim and feel great — what matters is the ingredients and who bakes the cookie!

Check out this episode – these revolutionary desserts could change your life. 

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