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132: Unleash Your Inner Warrior Woman Through Ice Baths – with Kristin Weitzel

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From Ballerina to Corporate Branding to Extraordinary Fitness Trainer

If you are a woman who is feeling down about your health or your fitness, maybe your weight, or just life in general, you are in for a treat. 

This episode can offer our male listeners plenty of fitness tips and inspiration as well, so don’t write this one off until you give Kristin a listen for a few minutes – you will be captivated by her story!

Kristin began studying ballet at the age of five. Like most girls, her body underwent a transformation in her teen years that ended her ballet career at age 15. Not because she could no longer perform ballet – the “gatekeepers” of her local ballet school told her that her body was “not the right shape” for ballet. This was an unfortunate event that made a considerable impact on Kristin. Tragically they took her first love away from her, so she shifted into other forms of dancing for the stage. 

Fast forward to her early twenties – Kristin began a new career in the adult beverage industry, working in the branding and marketing departments. This work involved a lot of traveling, and Kristin was also the only woman in a team of 18 men. She shares how these years molded and shaped her in many good ways that empower her practical fitness coaching work today. 

She’s a biohacker, certified fitness trainer, a “high-performance maven,” and a nutrition specialist who loves helping women gain optimal health. 

Tune in to this interview with Kristin. Allow her wit and wisdom to capture your attention as she shares her passion for fitness, biohacking, and testing the human body to see how far it can go.  

In this podcast, we cover:

  • Kristin’s journey from child ballerina to corporate branding to certified fitness trainer
  • How she bought a fitness studio to transition out of corporate America 
  • What it means to be in “warrior woman mode”
  • How Kristin coaches women to become warriors while developing other “softer,” vulnerable parts to their personality
  • Kristin describes her typical clients and the journey she takes them on
  • Why Kristin strongly believes in ice baths and why she has her clients do ice baths despite their initial fears
  • How Kristin incorporates meditation into her program
  • The legacy Kristin wants to leave on this earth

The Beginnings of Kristen’s Warrior Woman Mode Mission

In her own words: “Warrior woman mode is a name I pulled, the LLC name, five years ago. I wanted a name that encapsulated strength and a little bit of that ancestral health, like a nod to traditional health.

I want women to understand how strongly they can stand. I always talk about women as powerhouses. They can have a ripple effect on the world. 

So there is a warrior aspect, but I also like to remind myself and help my clients discover that they don’t have to be so intense. I have a Type A personality, and I work with many Type A females – but there is a softness that we need to bring to ourselves. There is a vulnerability. I think moving to California helped me open up slowly. Five years ago, I wouldn’t have talked about my background in the same way because it felt personal or like a wound that I didn’t want to share. But there’s a softness, and that softness has strength when you can talk about your broken parts. 

That’s what I like to find – women who feel like it’s broken, and I show them it’s not really broken. It’s a vital part (of yourself) to share.” 

How does a woman become a warrior yet retain their total femininity but can flip a switch at any time and say, “not today”? 

Kristin said, “What I’m doing is working with women from a 360-degree health perspective. I’m not a medical doctor. And the women that come to me typically are between ages 30 to 55. 

These women come to me for several reasons. Before Covid, it was mainly to lose weight and feel better. Which I think is upside down. You need to cultivate a healthy body, and then you can lose fat. If you’re looking for fat loss so you can gain more muscle, have better mental acuity, or sleep better? All those things will happen. 

So what I do is work with women to help them understand that this is a 360-degree picture. 

If a woman comes to me with a medical condition, that’s challenging. I will work with their doctor and make sure there are conversations. We’re all in the loop together. I spend nine weeks with them, and I’m a combination of the best accountability cheerleader and experienced coach they could ever have. 

Be sure to tune in to the full episode if you want to wrap your brain around the “warrior woman mode” mindset and way of life. Kristin has 20+ years of fitness coaching experience along with many certifications, including breathwork. You have probably heard people talk about taking cold water plunges or ice baths and the positive benefits that result from doing something that seems so crazy on the surface. Kristen’s level-headed and personable approach to coaching will steer you correctly – even in ice water. 

Take the plunge – ice baths could change your life. 


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