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BIOptimizers Anti-Aging Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements

“Normal aging” may have been associated with pain, sickness, and all kinds of physical and mental declines. But given the latest science of longevity, aging normally is a choice, and so is aging on your terms.

One of BIOptimizers’ core missions is to create a paradigm shift that empowers our customers to transcend the conventional concept of age.

Longevity shouldn’t just mean living longer, but also with maximal healthspan. And you can have both! By optimizing your biology, you can age gracefully and maintain your health, aesthetics, and performance.

Here are how you can optimize your health and stay young regardless of your chronological age.

icon-check-biogreenKeeping your gut and digestion functioning like new

Age-related decline in stomach acid and digestive enzymes can lower appetite, and cause nutrient deficiencies and muscle wasting. Therefore, restoring a healthy digestive capacity with HCL Breakthrough and MassZymes can help maintain digestion and muscle mass.

A leaky gut or gut infections due to lower stomach acid may also add to age-related chronic inflammation and dysbiosis. Microbiome Breakthrough and Herbal Parasite Guardian can help ensure healthy gut flora and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, yeasts, and parasites.

And in case of sluggish gut movement or constipation, Herbal Power Flush can provide occasional relief.

icon-check-biogreenPreventing AGEing effects of sugar

Poor blood sugar control contributes to all age-related problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. The high blood sugar can also raise oxidative stress, which can further accelerate aging. Therefore, maintaining a stable and healthy blood sugar level is important to age gracefully.

Berberine Breakthrough provides herbal support to help balance blood sugar. It also contains many plant-based antioxidants. It also contains many mitochondrial support ingredients.

icon-check-biogreenBalancing age-related inflammation

Inflammaging, or age-related inflammation, comes from the immune system’s inability to rebalance itself. The inflammation is also linked to an unhealthy gut microbiome and a leaky gut. When a Gram-negative bacteria toxin leaks into the bloodstream, it can trigger chronic low-grade inflammation that contributes to unhealthy aging. Levels of these toxins correlate with age.

Studies show that probiotics like Lactobacillus plantarum in P3OM can help with this phenomenon. Also, Microbiome Breakthrough is formulated specifically to support a healthy gut barrier and balance the inflammatory response.

Magnesium Breakthrough also helps with both immune readiness and immune balance. At the same time, magnesium is important for metabolism and cardiovascular health, which tend to decline with age.

icon-check-biogreenAntioxidant and Mitochondrial Support

Oxidative stress and poor mitochondria functions are major contributors to aging. kApex and Blood Sugar Breakthrough contain many mitochondria support ingredients and antioxidants like CoQ10, so it can help with energy and brain clarity. Also, Innoslim can activate autophagy, an important cellular rejuvenating process.

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