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BiOptimizers Immune Boosting and Support Supplements

You can’t always avoid exposure to germs, especially during this respiratory illness season. But you can arm your immune system with everything it needs to fight off the germs with its full potential.

Being sick all the time and suffering through it is neither normal nor healthy! Most people have suboptimal immune function to begin with because their diets and lifestyles cause nutrient deficiencies and dysbiosis. In fact, most people have room for improvement in their immune functions.

The immune system is complex and has many facades. A healthy immune system should be able to:

  • Block infections with the first barriers of defense, such as protective mucus
  • Once infected, fight off the infections quickly and strongly
  • After the infection, remember previous infections for a long time so it can fight them off better and faster even faster
  • Shut off once the germs are gone, so the symptoms or inflammation don’t become chronic
  • Balance itself so it knows not to attack harmless things like allergens or its own tissues

To play these balancing acts well, your immune system needs healthy nutrition, gut barrier, and gut flora. 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Your friendly gut bacteria trains the immune system so it’s ready to fight off germs. At the same time, these bacteria help keep the immune responses from becoming excessive or chronic.

P3OM promotes both immune system readiness and balance. It also produces postbiotics that may inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, yeasts, and viruses in the gut.

Biome Breakthrough is our one-of-a-kind formula that strengthens the gut barrier and promotes a healthy gut flora with powerful synbiotics. It contains IgYmax, a breakthrough egg-based antibody that can weed out bad bacteria. A healthy gut flora and gut lining provides a healthy environment for 80% of your immune system to develop and train.

Magnesium Breakthrough can help ensure healthy magnesium levels, which is important for many aspects of immune functions. Studies show that a magnesium deficiency can compromise immune defense and T-cell mediated immunity, and contribute to chronic inflammation. Therefore, you want to include Magnesium Breakthrough as part of your overall efforts to boost your immune system.

How to Boost Immune System Naturally

  1. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables
  2. Get enough high-quality sleep
  3. Support your digestion, gut health, and gut flora
  4. Manage your stress and keep a positive mindset
  5. Exercise regularly, but also ensure that you recover well from your exercise sessions
  6. Maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar balance
  7. Use nutritional support to ensure that your immune system has all the building blocks and cofactors it needs to function optimally
  8. Don’t smoke and moderate alcohol consumption

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