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BIOptimizers Natural Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

Digestive health is critical whether your goal is to optimize your health, performance, or appearance. Poor digestion can make you feel sluggish after meals and eventually lead to nutrient deficiencies that have ripple effects throughout your body. Nowadays most of us need digestive support because we are under more stress than ever. Also, our foods tend to be cooked and not fermented, so we’re getting less enzymes in our foods.

Full-Spectrum Digestive Pills

BIOptimizers is a digestive health optimization company. We have a collection of full-spectrum digestive pills for different diets and purposes. These include:

  • HCL Breakthrough: a synergistic blend of betaine HCL, plant-based digestive enzymes that work at acidic pH, and mineral blend to provide cofactors for these enzymes
  • MassZymes: our most popular, full-spectrum, plant-based, digestive enzyme blend. It is the best digestive enzyme for bodybuilding and muscle growth. It has the highest concentration of proteases on the market, along with enzymes that can digest bloat-inducing food substances. The proteases in MassZymes include both digestive and systemic enzymes that can also support exercise recovery.
  • Gluten Guardian: a full-spectrum, plant-based, digestive enzyme that includes peptidase DPP IV, which can fully break down gluten and dairy. It is not a cure for Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, but it may provide some relief. Overall, Gluten Guardian is formulated to maximize digestion and gut discomfort for high-carb cheat meals.
  • kApex: the only keto digestive enzyme on the market. It helps optimize fat digestion and eliminate digestive struggles that are unique to a ketogenic diet. Also, it contains ingredients that boost energy production from fat to support smooth keto-adaptation and high performance on a ketogenic diet.

How to Restore Healthy Gut Flora: Synbiotic Synergy

Studies show that while probiotics can deliver many health benefits, they typically don’t change over the gut microbiota. Therefore, we formulate synbiotic supplements that incorporate the latest science behind gut microbiota optimization.

  • Microbiome Breakthrough contains IgYmax, which can help weed out bad gut bacteria and support a healthy gut barrier. At the same time, it contains a synbiotic of three very beneficial probiotic strains and prebiotics. Research has shown that synbiotics produce beneficial substances that support the gut barrier and also improve the overall gut microbiota.
  • P3OM is our most popular Lactobacillus plantarum OM probiotics that withstands digestion to deliver maximum health benefits. It also produces protein-digesting enzymes and inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and yeasts.
  • Cognibiotics is the only nootropic and synbiotic supplement on the market that works by improving the gut flora and the gut-brain axis. It combines the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine with brain-enhancing synbiotics.
  • Herbal Parasite Guardian contains safe and effective antimicrobial herbs and digestive enzymes. It can inhibit the growth and support the expulsion of unhealthy microbes.
  • Herbal Power Flush contains dietary fiber, herbs, and digestive enzymes to help relieve constipation and promote regularity.

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