018: From Life as an Addict to Life Stylist with Luke Storey

When someone says life stylist what immediately comes to mind? Spiritual pursuits? Biohacking? Those are some of the words that would describe our guest today, life stylist Luke Storey. Luke is a former fashion stylist, musician, model and former addict who has lived more in one life than most people do in 15! And he’s…

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015: Using the 5Ms to Become a Better Man with Vince Del Monte

Vince Del Monte is a household name in the fitness world. He’s a master in exercise mechanics, rebuilding metabolism and overall health. But when you hear our conversation today you may hear a new side of him. Vince is also a father to two young children, a husband and an entrepreneur. Recently he has transitioned from physical…

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014: The Cutting Edge of Biohacking with Anthony DiClementi

On this episode of Awesome Health, Anthony DiClementi shares his biohacking secrets and how to get the greatest health benefits with least amount of work.

One man is on the cutting edge of biohacking: Anthony DiClementi. Anthony is an author, trainer, and biohacker who has been studying the human body for a lifetime. He has the vibrancy and the physique to prove it! Plus he thinks differently than the average biohacker and that is one of the reasons I asked…

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013: How to Protect Yourself From EMFs with Nick Pineault

Do you know how to protect yourself from EMFs? Do you even know what they are, and if there is any factual reason to protect yourself? You will after you listen to our guest, Nick Pineault. Today Nick shares his background in alternative health, as well as what he’s discovered about EMFs through his own…

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010: Holistic Health Mastery, with Ronnie Landis

Holistic health mastery comes with time, patience and often through trial and error. A living testament to that fact is our guest for episode 10 of BiOptimizers’ Awesome Health podcast, my good friend Ronnie Landis. Ronnie is a former martial arts expert and Olympic hopeful who changed paths in his 20s to pursue holistic health…

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